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London Comic Con October 2013 

Hot fucking DAMN Assassins from all over the world and a shitton of different time periods?!

Rifle Assassin in the third gif could get it so hard.

OK, can I say I love this not just because of the variation of time periods and the awesome shooting but because all of the assassin cosplayers are visually different

not only is there a good amount of women in there, but also everybody has a lot of bodily variation and different silhouettes, they’re cosplayers, REAL PEOPLE dressing up rather than video game people or specifically-cast models or actors picked to look a certain way, so we get so much more of an organic variety. 

And it doesn’t matter if ANYONE thinks they don’t look ‘right’, when you’re shot this way, when you work it, when you’re confident, you can be of any body type and you will always look awesome.

never ever ever will that be bad

the ladies are equally dangerous and should not be counted out nor excluded

assassins are not sexist yo

And if you look at the top left there seems to be a smaller child in there and that’s what I love, they are including him when a lot of people would dismiss cos of the age

Shes actually my little sister :) You can see her at the start of the video doing martina mcfly.